Pre-Listing Activities
  • Schedule a listing presentation appointment with the seller
  • Confirm the appointment and call to confirm
  • Research comparable properties
  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and Auto Valuation Model
  • Create a listing presentation package
  • Prepare a Seller Estimated Net Sheet
Listing Appointment Presentation
  • Collect owner’s contact information and email address
  • Set up Dotloop for listing forms
  • Send seller information sheet and property disclosure form
  • Discuss market conditions and pricing strategy
  • Present CMA results and marketing plan
  • Review and explain the listing contract, obtain signature
Property under Listing Agreement
  • Send signed listing forms to the seller
  • Confirm room measurements and lot size
  • Prepare showing instructions and discuss financing options
  • Identify Homeowner Association manager, if applicable
  • Order Homeowner Association Bylaws, if applicable
  • Send utility information form
  • Verify transferable home warranties
Marketing the Listing
  • Enter property in MLS
  • Proofread MLS listing for accuracy
  • Provide seller with copies of the Listing Agreement Form
  • Take photos for MLS and flyers
  • Install electronic lockbox, if authorized
  • Order “Just Listed” postcards and create flyers
  • Post property on social media accounts
  • Provide marketing data to referral network
  • Submit ads to real estate websites
  • Convey price changes promptly via MLS
  • Place regular update calls to sellers
The Offer and the Contract
  • Receive and review offers
  • Evaluate offers with seller net sheet
  • Counsel seller on offers and negotiate
  • Deliver Seller’s Disclosure and confirm buyer pre-qualification
  • Prepare and convey counteroffers or acceptance
  • Distribute contract copies to closing attorney or title company
  • Record earnest money deposit
  • Change status in MLS to “Pending”
  • Send contract dates summary to all parties
Home Inspection
  • Coordinate home inspection with seller
  • Review inspection report and seller responsibilities
  • Assist with identifying and negotiating repairs
Tracking the Loan Process
  • Confirm verifications have been returned
  • Follow loan processing
  • Contact lender weekly for updates
  • Relay final loan approval to seller
The Appraisal
  • Schedule appraisal and provide comparables
  • Follow up on appraisal and assist seller if appraisal is low
Closing Preparation and Tasks
  • Ensure all parties sign contract
  • Coordinate closing with buyer’s agent and lender
  • Update closing forms and files
  • Confirm closing date and time
  • Assist with title problems
  • Coordinate buyer’s final walk-through
  • Research tax, HOA, utility prorations
  • Verify closing figures
  • Forward closing documents
  • Change MLS status to “Sold”

Follow up after closing

  • Answer questions about filing claims with Home Owner Warranty company, if requested
  • Attempt to clarify and resolve any conflicts about repairs if the buyer is not satisfied
  • Respond to any follow-on calls and provide any additional information required
    from office files.

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