About Kevin Duffy

Meet The Team

Kevin's comprehensive experience in real estate combined with his deep knowledge of  Cincinnati's diverse neighborhoods has made him an invaluable partner in buying or selling a home. Kevin takes time to understand and to carefully listen to the needs of his clients and strives to build relationships based on trust and confidence.

  What sets Kevin apart from other agents is the fact that he uses a strategic approach to pricing properties and is completely upfront with his client about different ways to sell in order to get the highest sales price possible. He utilize technology to give your property the maximum exposure. He learn from outside the market what is working around the country by going to conferences and conventions 2 or 3 times a year, giving his clients  a competitive advantage in marketing with the latest tools and techniques.

  After over 30 years of seeing about every situation possible, helping buyers and sellers have earned Kevin this designation and looking forward to putting his experience to use in getting a flawless real estate transaction.

  Kevin  is involved in every aspect of the transaction process. His experience help guides his clients through the complexities that may arise during escrow. Kevin goes the extra mile to ensure each sale reaches its full potential through her innovative marketing strategies.